To manage depth contour settings, click on the Settings icon (the reel) below the three layers on the right side of the screen. Under “Depth contours”, click on “Source: Navionics” in blue. Here, you will be able to:

  • Pick your source, either Navionics HD depth maps or C-Map Genesis Social Map (crowdsourced) for your Fishbrain map. This only applies to Fishbrain Pro members in the US and Canada.
  • Select “WiFi only” or “WiFi and cellular” to load depth maps.

While saving your cellular data usage on your phone, the “WiFi only” option will not load depth contours in new locations if WiFi is not available.

If you selected “WiFi only”, Fishbrain will inform you that you have your cellular data on, instead of your WiFi, with an icon appearing on your depth contour layer:

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