Community Guidelines

Fishbrain is a reflection of the incredibly diverse global fishing community. We want Fishbrain to be a safe place for everything fishing, where we share, learn, and educate about the No. 1 sport in the world. We’ve created these community guidelines to help foster the conversations that make the community of Fishbrain so unique.

By using Fishbrain you agree to use these community guidelines and our terms of service. We’ve put a lot of thought into these and committed to what we’ve pulled together. Overstepping these may result in having your account and/or its content reported and automatically blocked/rejected.

We are committed to keeping Fishbrain a safe and welcoming community for all users. Our moderation system ensures that content shared on our platform adheres to our community guidelines. This includes text, images, and videos.

Content that violates our guidelines will be blocked from the platform. If your content is removed due to a violation, you will receive a notification on your email explaining the reason. Our guidelines are available below, where you can find detailed information on acceptable behavior and content standards.

Respect other members of the community
Everyone learns to fish at different speeds, using different techniques and methods. Everyone has their own fishing journey. Remember to be respectful when talking to fellow anglers. 
Do not make personal attacks
It is never OK to be violent or make personal attacks based on someone’s race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, or health conditions. Please be aware that this type of behavior might result in consequences such as having your account reported and blocked.
Blocking accounts
If you don’t like someone’s views or content, you have the ability to block them so you no longer see their content. You can do this by tapping on the three dots on their profile, and follow the steps to block. See our FAQ.
Self-Promotional Content
If you have a brand or profile you are trying to build, you are welcome to share it with the Fishbrain community as long as you remain respectful of others. Don’t spam the community or message users privately with sales or advertisements without their express consent. If this type of behavior is reported, you will be blocked. 
Non-Fishing Content
You are allowed to post non-fishing content on Fishbrain as long as it does not fall into any of the inappropriate categories, but understand that this kind of content is more likely to be reported and blocked by other members of the community. Post at your own discretion.
Collaborate with others
Work together! We can learn a lot from each other. This is what Fishbrain was built on; learning, growing, and getting better at fishing through collaboration. The more anglers collaborate, the better we all get. At the same time, understand and respect that not everyone is looking for advice. Try to assume good intent, but also accept if someone does not want to discuss your suggestions or feedback.

Resources for Minors
Fishbrain is open to anyone over 13 years old, and we are happy to have a diverse community that includes anglers of all ages. However, we encourage underage users especially to be conscious of the information they post publicly and to limit interactions with strangers.
What don’t we accept on Fishbrain
While we accept a wide range of behavior and viewpoints on Fishbrain there are some actions we do not tolerate.
The below types of content will result in either blocking the content itself or the user depending on the severity. 
  • Usernames incorporating foul language, slurs or promoting violence.
  • Inciting violence, including threatening other users.
  • Illegal activity including drug use, crimes, etc.
  • Derogatory terms or remarks around a person's race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, or health conditions.
  • Fake content, such as pictures stolen without attribution and logged as catches, obviously photoshopped or edited content, fraudulent catches with fake information (such as incorrect weight, length, duplicate catch, or modified date) for the leaderboard or falsified catches (e.g. a shark caught in the pond behind your house)
  • Nudity (bathing suits are OK)
  • Illegal fishing, out of season fishing, fishing on private waters, and cruelty in fishing (e.g. inappropriately handled fish, mistreated catches, etc)
  • Political content of any kind

Banning on the account can be of three types:

  • Permanent Ban: The account is permanently banned and cannot be recovered.
  • Temporary Ban: The account is banned for a fixed timeframe of 48 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, depending on the severity or repetition of the offense.
  • Temporary Suspension Pending Appeal: The account is temporarily banned while under investigation. During this period, the account remains inaccessible until the user appeals and the appeal is reviewed.
Help us keep the Fishbrain community strong
  • At times you might come across something that doesn’t violate these guidelines, but you don’t personally appreciate it. If this does happen, you can either block or unfollow that angler. If it is a comment on one of your posts, you can also delete that comment. We highly encourage you to use the block functionality rather than continuing to engage in a heated conversation.
  • If you see that these guidelines have been breached by parts of the community, report the user by tapping the three dots on their profile, and follow the steps to report or block. 
  • If you see specific posts that cross the line, report this by tapping the three dots on the post and following the steps to report or block. Our support team will be alerted and will send the content to moderators. The team of moderators helps keep Fishbrain safe by constantly moderating our content. But at times we miss things, and that’s where we need our community to help us when things do slip through. 

Privacy and Data protection

Your privacy is important to us. We handle user data with care and in compliance with applicable privacy laws. Rest assured that your personal information is protected throughout the moderation process.

If you believe your content has been moderated in error, you can appeal the decision by contacting us at We will review your appeal promptly and provide a response between 24-48hrs.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our moderation practices based on user feedback and changes in regulations. Your input helps us create a better experience for all users.

For more information, check out our help center or reach us at
Thank you for helping us create the best fishing community in the world.
Team Fishbrain