Catches logged on Fishbrain by default will be shown in the feed, however if you toggle the “Hide from feed” option they will only be shown on your profile. You can choose what information about your catch will be visible to other anglers depending on how you set up the location privacy for your catch.

When logging in a new catch, after selecting the picture/s for your catch, set your catch position directly on the map and select the “Privacy Level” clickable at the bottom of the map. From the list of settings, you can choose between:

- Share Exact Spot: Show Fishing Water (e.g., lake name) and Show Exact Location

- Share Water name: Show Fishing Water (e.g., lake name) but Hide Exact Location

- Secret Spot: Hide Fishing Water and Hide Exact Location to everyone

Once selected the privacy level of your choice, go ahead and click on “Done” at the top of the “Set catch position” page. You will be able to add the rest of your catch details and log your catch.

catch privacy options, 3 options,

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