Once clicked on “Log catch” and added a picture, catch location on the map & privacy level, you will move forward to your “Catch overview”.

Here you can add more pictures and a caption for your catch. Scrolling down, you can also fill in all catch details. Pick the correct species (either following our suggestions, or browsing through our list), weight and length of your catch.

If you wish to change the measurement units, please follow our quick instructions here.

Furthermore, you can select if your catch was released and correct the date & time if needed. You can also add your gear as well as the fishing method used for your successful catch.

Lastly, if you are a Pro member, you can add a Private note for your catch to notate any additional insights that might be useful to you.

If you are unable to determine some of the information now, rest assured you can edit catch details later and add any missing information.

Besides helping you keep track of your activity in the water, catch details may also support research aimed at improving the health of our fisheries.

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