To share a waypoint with another user, you must first have a waypoint saved. To save a waypoint, long tap on the map to drop a pin and save it as a waypoint (Fishbrain Pro feature).

To share it:

  • Tap on the waypoint on the map or select a waypoint from its list.
  • Click on the “share” button.
  • Choose the platform and recipient to share it with.

Any user who has access to the link will be able to view the location of the waypoint.

If another user has the Fishbrain app installed, this will open upon clicking on the shared link and the waypoint will be visible with all attached information.

The user can then save the waypoint, which will be added to their Fishbrain map. The waypoint is still yours, so if this gets updated the other user will see the updates on their end.

The recipient can remove the waypoint from their own map, but cannot edit or delete it for you.

Any user who receives your shared waypoint on a device that doesn't have the Fishbrain app installed will instead be redirected to the Fishbrain website, where you can see the details about that waypoint, but not be able to save it.