Waypoints are pins that you can place on a map to remember significant events or locations. It could be where you spotted a big fish, lost a bait, where you can find shelter or easy access to water, or even where to park your car.

To place a waypoint, go to the Fishbrain map and long-tap the desired location. A pin will be dropped, and you will be able to add key information and save your waypoint. You can always edit your waypoints or delete them after having saved them.

To view your saved waypoints, go to the Fishbrain map and click on the pin icon on the left side of the screen.

Waypoints are always private by default, but can be shared with your friends if you wish to.

This feature is part of the Fishbrain Pro package. With Fishbrain Pro, you can pin unlimited locations on the Fishbrain map, and also access plenty of other exclusive features. Try our Pro membership for free by accessing our free trial here.