Fishbrain groups are a place where anglers can share interests, catches and find friends with the same passions as them.

Groups will allow you to engage more and discuss focused topics. In these groups our anglers can have open conversations around specific topics, not only with people who are their Fishbrain friends.

You can view groups by clicking on the Groups tab, next to the Feed and My area tabs. There you can create a group, discover new groups, join them, check suggested groups for you, search for a specific group, view the groups you have already joined and their latest activity in the app.

All users can create a group. If you hear about a group that you want to join, you can simply search for it by tapping on the Search icon and selecting Groups.

Groups can only be deleted by the admin/s. To delete a group as an admin, tap the three dots on the top right corner of the group and follow the steps to delete your group.

Keep in mind that once you delete your group, you will not be able to recover this and all its content will be lost.

Remember, groups can be private or public, but only Fishbrain Pro members can create private groups.

To invite other users to join a Public Group, tap the blue ‘invite‘ button in the banner of each group to invite new members and their invitation will be automatically approved.

Private Group invitations can be sent only by the Group Admin and you can have a maximum of 10 freemium members in your group but unlimited Fishbrain Pro members.

Try out our Pro membership for free by accessing our free trial here.