The first thing you need to know about posting a video to Fishbrain is that you can only do so through a post and not through logging a catch.

Any video under 200MB and not exceeding 6:00 minutes in duration can be uploaded as a post.

To upload a video, follow the below steps:
  1. Press the "+" in the bottom row menu on your feed
  2. Click on "add post"
  3. Scroll through your gallery and select the video of your choice. You can also add some lines to your post.
  4. Once you're set, click on "post" on the top right corner.
Changed your mind? You can press "cancel" on the top left corner and the video will not be posted.

We are continuously working to update our app and improve our users' experience so please make sure you are always running the app on the latest version available. Older versions of the app will not show you the option of uploading a video.