On the Fishbrain app, you can check our BiteTime™, the ultimate fishing forecast designed to predict the best time to catch fish.

Data from millions of catches logged in the app is analyzed through machine learning. Location, water temperature, weather conditions and species you're targeting all influence BiteTime™.

To check this feature, simply go to the Fishbrain app, head to the map & find the body of water that piques your interest. Drag up the catch menu from the bottom of your screen, and tap on "Forecast." From there, click on the BiteTime™ section.

Here you can scroll up and down to see the forecast for each species. Scroll left or right to check out the forecast by time and date.

BiteTime™ is part of Fishbrain's Pro features. Check out our free trial option to become a Pro member here. Here you can find a list of all our Pro features.

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