On the Fishbrain app, you can check our BiteTime™, the ultimate fishing forecast designed to predict the best time to catch fish.


BiteTime™ uses machine learning with data from millions of catches to help you predict what species you are mostly likely to catch when you go fishing.  The predictions are highly tuned to local climate zones and take into account over 30 geographical attributes, including temperature, sun and moon altitude, air pressure, and precipitation. 

To check this feature, simply go to the Fishbrain app, head to the map & find the body of water that piques your interest. Tap on the BiteTime™ tab on the upper side. 

Here you can scroll up and down to see the forecast for each species. Scroll left or right to check out the forecast by time and date.  The heights and colors of the bars indicate the predicted probability of your catch being the given species at the given time.   Tall bars are better than short bars, and green bars are better than grey bars.  Look for the tall green bars! 

If you don't see a particular species in BiteTime™, it's because we don't have enough data about the species in the specified location to make an accurate prediction.  

BiteTime™ is part of Fishbrain's Pro features. Check out our free trial option to become a Pro member here. Here you can find a list of all our Pro features.


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