In the Fishbrain Shop, we use different security measures for check-out to ensure safety for our customers.

If you are unable to successfully place your order, and you have verified that the correct payment, billing and shipping details have been used, we can recommend you to:

  • Make sure your billing address entered at check-out is the same as the address your credit card is registered in. If the two differ, we would recommend you to try another payment method such as another debit, credit card, or a Paypal account.
  • Avoid multiple purchase attempts within a short time frame. Please wait a couple of days before trying again.
  • Make sure sufficient funds are available on your card or other payment method.
  • Check if any error codes are appearing on the website when checking out. If this is the case, please contact us and provide a screenshot if possible.

If none of the above work, please contact your bank for further support. For us to look into the matter and assist you in completing your purchase, give us a call or reach out to us at, or via chat directly on our website.