Pro features are only available to the anglers that have subscribed to the Fishbrain Pro membership.

Catch position - To see the exact catch positions of where all the fish on Fishbrain were caught, you have to go on Map, on top of a water that interests you and there the yellow and green symbols in the water indicates that there was a fish caught at that position, the different colors indicate how recent the catch is and how long ago since it was caught.

Yellow: recent catches, posted in the last 14 days
Green: older catches, posted over 14 days ago
Best baits and lures - To find the best baits and lures for catching a certain fish species, go to the Map on a water that interest you, drag on the menu from the bottom of your screen that is showing all the catches from that area, tap on Top Baits and you will see the top baits used for each species from that water, for most of them even having the possibility to purchase them directly from our Shop.
Fishing Forecast - Our forecast, called BiteTime uses machine learning with data from millions of catches to help you predict what species you are most likely to catch when you go fishing. The forecast predictions are shown in one bar graph per species. The heights and colors of the bars indicate the predicted probability of your catch being the given species at the given time.
After going on the map on the water body that interests you, tap on the Weather icon on right side and after that tap BiteTime, you can scroll Up and Down to see the forecast for each species and you can scroll Right or Left to see the forecast for each time of day.
Depth Map - The depth contours in Fishbrain are provided by C-Map through Fishbrain’s partnership with Navicco and they are crowdsourced from local fishing and boating communities.
You can find this feature by going to any water that interests you and tapping on the layers icon on right upper corner, from here make sure that you have selected the type of map that interests you, check the box for the Catch position, Fishing Waters and Depth contours to have them all activated on your map view.
These maps are updated continuously. Please note that areas with more boats are more likely to have better coverage.
Spot Prediction - Fishing spot prediction is Fishbrain’s proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm that finds fishing spots for you. By analyzing map structures for the areas where people catch fish, we can find similar water areas that have not been discovered yet. Spot prediction indicates potentially good fishing spots with yellow-colored areas. The more intense the color, the better the chances of catching fish there. While this is a helpful tool to find new fishing spots, it’s always important to make sure the spot is safe, accessible, and publicly available to fish in. 
To enable this feature Tap on Map - Go to Map options by tapping on the settings wheel on the right side of your screen and scroll down in the menu to enable it.

Logbook Insights - For Fishbrain Pro users, there are more detailed Insights in the Logbook. As a Fishbrain Pro member, you will be able to view analysis based on month, time of day, moon phase and water temperature, with many more to come. We make the analysis based on the collected weather and environment data for the location and time of your catches. 
In Logbook Insights, your catch data is aggregated and visualized to help you understand what conditions may affect when you catch fish. The more catches you log, the more data you will see.
To get the most out of your Insights analysis, always log an exact catch location and make sure the time of the catch is correct. The data is also collected whether your catches are logged as competitive or private.

Waypoints - The waypoints are the pins that you can place on a map, to remember significant events or locations. It could be where you spotted a big fish, lost a bait, where you can find shelter, or even where to park your car. Waypoints are always private by default.
To create a Waypoint, long-tap on the map where you want to add your waypoint. Your waypoint will then be dropped for you to add more information. To find more information about waypoints, tap here.
Private Groups - Only Fishbrain Pro members can create private groups. Fishbrain groups are a place where anglers can share interests, catches and find friends with the same passions as them.

To create a group, go to the main feed and tap on the ‘groups’ tab. Tap the blue button to create a group and make sure to select its Privacy option to Private if you want to have this group only for your selected friends. To find out more about Fishbrain groups, tap here.