The Statistics feature is based on your catches and it shows your stats based on:

  • Month
  • Time of day
  • Moon phase
  • Air temperature, pressure and speed
  • Wind direction
  • Water temperature

Everytime you log a catch, Fishbrain collects weather and environment data for the location and time of the catch. In Statistics, your catch data is aggregated and visualized to help you understand what conditions seem to affect when you catch fish. The more catches you log, the more data you will see.

To get the most out of your Statistics, always log an exact catch location and make sure the time of the catch is correct. The data is also collected whether your catches are logged as competitive or private. However, keep in mind that some Statistics graphs will not contain a catch if it's missing information such as location or the date and time of the catch  

Pro members have access to detailed Statistics with graphs based on your catch history. Try our Pro membership for free by accessing our free trial here.