To view depth maps on the Fishbrain App, it’s required that you have a Fishbrain Pro account and internet connection.

To access the feature, go to the Map section and click on the first of the three layers visible as icons on the right side menu of the Map. This ensures depth contours are on.

If you don't see them on the map, it could be that the particular area you are checking lacks coverage. You can verify that by searching for other popular areas in the Map.

To load depth contours, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Depth contour maps will get saved on the app for offline usage, but they won’t load. WiFi or cellular connection will do the trick. Just make sure you select the right option to enable loading depth contours on your map.

You can either allow it with WiFi only, or with cellular data as well. For more information about depth contour settings, check this FAQ.

Depth contours are part of Fishbrain's Pro features. Check out our free trial option to become a Pro member here. Here you can find a list of all our Pro features.

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