No fish finder? No problem! Use depth contour maps in Fishbrain to set yourself up for success, whether fishing from the shoreline or a boat. In Fishbrain you can view precision depth maps from both Garmin Navionics (USA & Canada) & C-Map Genesis Social.

To view depth maps, first make sure you have a Fishbrain Pro membership and an internet connection. Then, simply open the "Map Options" menu (top right corner of the map) and enable the "Depth contours" layer.

Through this menu, you can also toggle between depth map providers, or change your depth map download settings on cellular networks.

Fishbrain provides you with the best available depth charts from industry-leading partners. However, not all areas (e.g. smaller ponds) will have depth map coverage.

Take your trip planning to the next level by exploring depth contour maps in Fishbrain today!

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