When using AfterPay as your payment method for your Fishbrain shopping, it is sometimes possible for the payment to get declined due to AfterPay’s limitations on spending and conditions.

Afterpay uses a variety of factors to determine approval of orders and ensure responsible spending, therefore it may not approve 100% of orders.

Every new AfterPay customer starts with a spending limit of around $600, which increases gradually over time, if conditions are met. If you are a first-time shopper with AfterPay, this may be the reason why your purchase could be declined.

Other factors influence your purchase decision when attempting to place an order with AfterPay:
  • Presence of sufficient funds on your card.
  • Length of time you have been using AfterPay. The longer you have been using the service, the easier it is to get approved for purchases.
  • Current debt with AfterPay. If you have any outstanding orders with AfterPay, it may help to decrease or clear your current debt before purchasing again.
  • Amount of the order you are trying to place. The lower the value of your shopping cart, the easier it is to be accepted for purchasing with AfterPay.

Please also note AfterPay is only available as a payment method when placing orders through the Fishbrain Shop Website and not through the Fishbrain app.

For any assistance with AfterPay, go to their Help Center section or reach out to their support by clicking HERE.

You can review AfterPay’s Terms and Conditions HERE.