Adding a new catch or multiple on Fishbrain is quick and easy. Simply tap on the Log catch button on top of your feed or through the Logbook. After that, just make sure you are filling in the details of your catch and keep in mind that catches can only be logged in from the Fishbrain app:

  • Select one picture of your catch and tap Add 1 catch, more pictures can be added after
  • Select the right species (if Fishbrain recommends an incorrect species, simply tap the recommended species and search or scroll to find the correct species)
  • Fill in the weight and length
  • Select if it your catch was released
  • Add your bait and gear used
  • Adjust location of your catch as desired

 Log a catch flow on Android

Set your location privacy 

by choosing what information you wish to have visible to other anglers out of the three available options:
- Public catch spot - shares position and fishing water
- Only share water name - catch position is not visible
- Only share catch details - doesn’t share the location and catch position