You can log your fishing trip and all its details & catches through the “Trips” feature on the Fishbrain app.

Trips allow you to:

  • Log all catches from your trip in one post (up to 20 catches)
  • Tag your fishing buddies who joined you on the trip
  • Share how long your trip was and your progress on each day
  • Track the fishing spots hit during the trip - or you can decide to keep your location private, if you wish!

To log a trip on Fishbrain:

  • On the Fishbrain homepage, click on the “+”
  • Select “Log a trip”
  • Set trip dates & duration, tag your friends, add your catches
  • Select privacy level for your catches’ location, so you only share what you want
  • Tap on “Publish trip”

All your trips will be saved, so you can keep track of your fishing memories and share them with friends & family!

Trips is one of the free features available on the Fishbrain app.

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