Wondering what the difference is between your main feed and the My Area tab at the top of your screen? Well, your feed is populated based on your phone's location (if you have allowed this permission), as well as the waters, species, fishing methods, brands and anglers that you are following.

On the other hand, in My Area you can see all the logged catches and posts within a certain radius in chronological order, all from where you manually set up your area. In other words, your My Area feed is like a fishing report of all the activities happening within an area you define.

For example, if you plan a fishing trip or a vacation, you can change your area to that location and follow how the fishing is going there, and get ready with the best gear before you arrive.

If you have Fishbrain Pro, you will also be able to zoom in on the area you want most content from. This feature works on both Android and iOS devices.