The custom gear feature allows you to add gear that you cannot find in Fishbrain’s gear selection. The feature allows you to add gear from known fishing gear brands or even custom made gear you have created.

To find the option of adding custom gear:

  • Go to your Fishbrain profile
  • Click on "Your gear”
  • Click on “Add more”
  • Click on “Upload” next to “Custom gear?”
  • Upload a picture of the gear item (The best pictures have a plain white background and the item will fill the frame)
  • Pick the category you want, attribute fields will then be added to the form depending on the category chosen
  • Add the manufacturer and a product name
  • Add attribute values such as color and weight
  • Once you’re done, you can save your new custom gear on your Profile

The new gear you’ve added will be available right away to be used in your catches. Please note that Fishbrain moderates the information and if verified with a manufacturer, you won’t be able to make additional changes to it.

If Fishbrain’s gear selection is missing a particular variant of a product from the product screen, you have the option to add the missing variant. In this case the category, manufacturer and product name will be pre-filled.

Once your gear has been added and verified in the app, it will become available for all anglers to use when logging their catches. However it will not be possible to make changes to the new gear that you’ve added.

Please note, currently this feature is available in the English language, for Pro users on iOS devices only.


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