When logging a catch, the Fishbrain app attempts to identify the species caught from the first uploaded photo and the catch location.

A good quality photo showing as much of the fish as possible, side-on with fins raised will result in the best possible suggestions.

The location is important because it tells the app which species to include or exclude from the suggestions.

Our Fish Identification AI model contains hundreds of the most popular sport fishing species, but for those species not yet in the model, we also suggest species of fish you have recently caught, and/or other species that are popular in your area.

A single photo showing multiple species will result in suggestions for only one of the species.

You may be surprised to see species suggested if the photo does not contain a fish. Those suggestions will be based on your recent catches and/or those species popular in your area.

Some of Fishbrain’s gear is crowdsourced and errors can appear. If you see inappropriate gear on Fishbrain’s gear selection, please tap on the product you found, then tap on “Report” from the provided options.


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