While our free version of Fishbrain gives you access to basic water information and community features, Fishbrain Pro offers an enhanced fishing experience with many additional features to help you level up your fishing game.

A Fishbrain Pro membership gives you exclusive access to exact catch locations, AI-powered spot prediction, and more to help you find the best fishing spots. Becoming a Pro member allows you to get intel on top baits for each species, so that you know exactly what you need to catch your next PB. Additionally, river gauges, fishing forecasts and BiteTime™ can help you to hit the water at the right time.

Pro members also get access to special maps features like depth maps, and unlimited private waypoints so that you can find and keep track of your best fishing spots.

Explore Fishbrain free from ads with a Pro membership and focus on your fishing experience! Remember, Fishbrain Pro members catch 60% more fish!

Feel free to try it out with our free trial by clicking here.

Of course, as a Free user you can always track your catches and share your fishing adventures with the Fishbrain community. Fishbrain Pro, however, elevates your fishing experience to the next level!


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